We are so glad that you found us on the web! We hope to have the chance to meet you in worship sometime soon. Please look around the website to get a sense of who we are. Allow me to take a little bit of the guess work out of that for you.

Our mission statement is “to respond to the Good News about Jesus by being an inclusive worshipping community that nurtures and supports one another, fosters fellowship and communion, witnesses to the faith and serves the needs of the community.”

In short, we are a bunch of a normal, imperfect folks who serve a God who loves us anyhow. We are doing our best to love one another and our community by following the way of Jesus, believing that He was here before we got here and will be here after we go. We hope to be able to reflect His light into the often dark spaces of our world and, specifically, Jefferson Hills.

If you are reading this, receive this as an invitation to worship. Where we will go together, only God knows, but I bet it will be good. Grace and peace to you.

Our Leadership